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Geothermal ASHREA article

Carrier a name you can trust. SEE VIDEO

Energy Savings Agreements

Precision Tune-up

Precision Tune-up & Professional Cleaning

Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning

  The absolute best thing you can do to save money on your electric bill, 20%-70%, depending on how dirty the system is, is to have a precision tune-up and professional cleaning done on your system. Most tune-ups only clean the outdoor coils and the cabinets. A true cleaning will clean the indoor coils, if accessible, and the blowers…



Bowling Service of America Can Save You Thousands Every Year

GEO-THERMAL HEATING & COOLING- In Yuma and the surrounding areas the solution to high cooling and heating bills is right under your feet- about 15 feet below the ground, you will find moist sand at a constant temperature of 75 degrees. The hot or cold air in your commercial building or residence can be circulated…