We are the only Yuma Factory authorized Dealer of Carrier sales and service  specializing in refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and sheet metal fabrication for homes and business. We supply quality products and services for virtually any application.

With Carrier, the leading manufacture of indoor comfort equipment, we are able to supply you with just the right system for your needs and we will install this equipment with the highest quality and efficiency possible. We’ll do the necessary heat load calculations to size the equipment needed, suggest the equipment that will fit your needs, design the air distribution ducts and registers and make suggestions that will bring to you the the maximum comfort and efficiency possible.
We will provide you with the energy cost analysis comparing different types of systems or compared to your existing system, and give you the operating costs and pay back period. We will send to you by fax, email or U.S. mail the reports on your home or business giving you all the information necessary to make an informed decision on the type of systems you need for your home or business.

Over 60 Years of Service to Yuma

Our commitment to: “Doing the right thing, Always! Even if it hurts.”

Re: An introduction & Qualifications of our company.

We are a quality company striving to provide the best comfort in homes and businesses in Yuma and the Imperial Valley. Our business has been in existence for over 60 years, started by Jack Culver in the late 1940′s. My dad, Manuel (Dick) Bowling, came to Yuma from Michigan to work for Jack in 1960. In 1967 my Dad purchased the business from Jack so he could retire. I have had the business since my Dad sold it to me in 1980. I have been in the business first as an apprentice in the union since 1970. After 5 years of apprenticeship I became a journeyman technician. Due to competition at the time, we dropped the union affiliation in 1980 since I was the only technician in Yuma County and the only union shop.

We have done all types of work in our area. There are two military bases in Yuma, The Marine Corp Air station and The Army’s Yuma Proving Grounds. I think we have built half of all the buildings on the bases. However, we have not done much work on the bases since 1988. We have done work at our local hospital, installing the 3rd floor and the new emergency room, as well as a few energy management projects. These projects involved centrifugal chillers, variable speed pumps and fans, a York turbo modulator for a York chiller, high static ductwork and fans, flat plate heat exchangers, heat recovery units, boilers, and chilled water piping. We installed most of the larger stores in Yuma, including Southgate Mall, Penny’s, K-Mart, and many more. These involved large 20 and 40 ton package units on the roof.

We have serviced all types of equipment, from window air conditioners to centrifugal chillers. I have installed and serviced air washers at the ammo loading facility at the Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG) and fabricated and installed special fume exhaust hoods at the air frame shop on the Marine Corp Air Station (MCAS). The list goes on. We installed the old Safeway store that is now Goodwill. We also service and install restaurants such as Del Taco, and Chile Pepper both with Carrier heating and Cooling.

We have dedicated technicians trained in the proper way to install, service and design HVAC systems, and “because it is the right thing to do”. We hope to serve you as we have been serving, with quality at a fair price for over 50 years.

As to the size of projects, we did a project at MCAS called the MAWTS building, a Top Gun Facility in the mid 1980′s with Dennis Construction (phone# 928-783-4328 contact Keith Dennis). The job was valued at about $500,000.00 for the Heating and Air Conditioning alone. There were 2 Flowtronic chillers and a medium static duct system with VVT boxes throughout.

More recently (Dec of 2002), we completed a project with Sundt Construction for the Corp of Engineers, The U.S. Boarder Patrol Headquarters Bldg with the HVAC value at over $750,000.00. Five 20- 25 ton package air conditioners with variable speed fans supplied to 38 VVT boxes with hot water reheat, a boiler and pump and controlled by a building automation system. Our performance has been praised by both Sundt Construction and The Corp of engineers.
Project References: Sundt Construction:
Ian McDowell -project Manager Ph# 520-750-6679
Corp of Engineers:
Joseph Schoenig, PE- Mechanical Engineer for the Corp of Engineers, Ph# 602-640-2015 x 233

Now with our new commitment to, “Doing the right thing for our community, our country, and the Earth,” we have trained, and prepared for providing a step to be self sufficient and save our planet with GEOTHERMAL heat pump technology. Not only does it save a tremendous amount of energy and protects the planet, but, combined with solar electric generation, commercial buildings can be profitable instead of an expense to the owners of those buildings by helping the utilities generate power for their communities.

Our goal is only to take those projects that we can dedicate and commit to 100%. We must also stay committed to our mission of, “Always doing the right thing at any cost.”

Thank You and we hope to work with you on future projects in our area of Yuma County, AZ and Imperial County, Ca.

Nanci C. Bowling, President and C.E.O.
Michael D. Bowling. Vice President
Steven P Brown, Sec.
Brian Hagedorn, Tres.