Service Agreement

Our Energy Savings Agreements

 Our Blue Energy Savings Agreement: For residential homes to maintain comfort  and provide the most efficient system possible with your existing unit. We will provide scheduled precision tune-ups and professional cleanings to insure efficiency and performance.

Now we have these agreements provided on a small monthly fee, (much less than $20/month)  instead of those high annual fees. And the agreement is perpetual. It will not end unless you want it to. No more worrying about renewing your agreement. It is done all automatically for you year after year. (Just fill out our Reoccuring billing Authorization Form and send it in to us or give it to our technician when he comes out.)   Recurring Billing Authorization Form


Some of the benefits are:

1.    Helps you write smaller checks to utility companies. (As much as 30% on the average according LSU studies.)

2.    There is no overtime charges, even at 1 am on the fourth of July.

3.    Priority service goes to our agreement customers. We get to you as  quickly as possible.

4.     If  you should ever need a reapair call we discount it 15%

5.    By providing good service your equipment can last longer.              (4-6 years according to LSU case studies over the years. )

6.    Also by maintaining your equipment we have found, after 25       years of doing preventive maintenance, repair calls, on the              average,  reduced 75% over those without the maintenance.

7.     Our agreement is transferable as well.

8.     We test and evaluate the performance of all manufacturers equipment according to their guild lines.

9.     We help you to make informed choices about your cooling and heating system.

10.   We maintain and provide to you a written condition report at all tune ups for future referral by our technicians.

11.    And of course most of all you can have peace of mind knowing we are here for you and all is well.

Our Silver Energy Savings Agreements: We provide all the above plus all repairs are covered, parts and labor at no charge to you during the agreement period. The only part that may not be covered is the compressor part.

Our Red Energy Savings Agreement: This is our commercial agreement with all the same advantages for business and commercial properties. We also have commercial  Silver Agreements as well.

Recurring Billing Authorization Form